RRU revitalizes food-producing garden as part of “Visions in Bloom” fundraiser

Royal Roads University has announced that it is revitalizing a food-producing garden at the institution as part of the “Visions in Bloom” fundraiser. The garden is located in the same space as the garden of the original owners of the Dunsmuir Estate, and will grow foods traditionally harvested by Indigenous people as well as foods from around the world. It includes a Giving Garden, which will grow foods to be donated to food banks and community organizations. RRU will also be planting more fruit trees and establishing an apiary to help pollinate the garden. “Our vision for food production is grounded in the sustainable principles of planting carefully, never taking more than we need, and sharing what we harvest,” said RRU President Philip Steenkamp. CTV News| RRU Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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