U of T students give to gain extra credit

An initiative created by faculty at the University of Toronto has gained attention for allowing students to earn extra credit by helping others. U of T Mississauga Assistant Professor Jerry Flores collaborated with faculty members Jayne Baker and Nathan Innocente to run an Extra Credit Donation Drive in March. Students could donate items such as diapers, crayons and toys, socks, coats, and hygiene products, which were then given to a local charity. Students received extra credit for giving, with all students receiving the same amount of credit regardless of the number of items they gave. “[W]e have so much power [to] make positive social change in our communities,” said Flores. “I try to show my students that we sometimes feel that these issues are too big for us to handle, but there’s always something we can do.” U of T Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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