Kluane First Nation to receive new school in Burwash Landing

Kluane First Nation, the Government of Canada, and the Government of Yukon have announced that a new public school will be built in Burwash Landing to replace the aging Kluane Lake School. The school will be named Kêts’ádań Kų̀, which means “house of learning” in Southern Tutchone. Yukon Education Minister Jeanie McLean said that moving the school into the community will honour a request from Kluane First Nation. “Education has been a priority for Kluane First Nation for generations, and a new school in Burwash Landing is the culmination of decades of tireless effort by many Kluane First Nation citizens,” said Kluane First Nation Chief Bob Dickson. “The Kêts’ádań Kų̀ will be infused with KFN language, tradition and culture, and will serve the broader community as a whole for years to come.”

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