BC confirms undergraduate study permit applications allotment, 53% going to public PSE

The Government of British Columbia has confirmed that it has been allocated 83,000 undergraduate study permit applications for the upcoming school year. 53% of the provincial attestation letters will go to public postsecondary institutions, while private institutions will receive the other 47%. Based on previous acceptance rates, the allocation is anticipated to result in around 50,000 approved study permit applications for 2024, in comparison with around 60,000 approved study permits in 2023. BC noted that the distribution will enable public postsecondary institutions with “sustainable international enrolment” to maintain their international student programs while also addressing private institutions with “unsustainable” growth. The PIE News and BNN report that BC Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills Lisa Beare is pushing for the federal government to increase the province’s allowance of letters of attestation for studies related to in-demand sectors.

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