Protesters, counter-protesters demonstrate to voice their opinion on Bill 96

Downtown Montréal was filled with protesters on Saturday as the English-speaking community spoke out against Bill 96. While many of the protesters agree that French needs to be protected in Quebec, they gathered to demand that the Bill be scrapped in order to protect the rights of anglophones, allophones, and Indigenous communities. Several shouted chants such as “Mon CÉGEP, mon choix,” referring to the impact the bill would have on cégep education. A cluster of pro-Bill 96 student demonstrators also appeared outside the premier’s office, and UQAM student Jessy Gareau penned an article for the Journal de Montréal to argue that the Bill is necessary for reversing the decline of French. CBC| Globe and Mail| Journal de Montréal Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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