Selkirk, City of Nelson partner on industrial foodcycler pilot project

Selkirk College and the City of Nelson have partnered to divert organics from the landfill using an industrial foodcycler as part of the Nelson Next Climate Plan. Students in the Professional Cook Training Program will put organic wastes – such as vegetable scraps and bones – in the foodcycler, which mashes and dehydrates it to create a soil amendment that can be used in gardens. The pilot project will determine if this method of recycling food wastes is a viable solution for the commercial sector. “Now these students are seeing the end-product coming out,” said Selkirk project lead David Havemann. “[I]t’s amazing to see the chain go in a different direction. We see the end product, it’s going to go back into the ground and hopefully someone will grow some more vegetables with it.” Selkirk Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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