VIU announces expansion of Shq’apthut (A Gathering Place)

Vancouver Island University has announced that it will be expanding Shq’apthut (A Gathering Place) at its Nanaimo campus, thanks to $3.7M in funding from the Government of British Columbia and VIU. The space is used for cultural, academic, recreation, and social activities for Indigenous students, and the expansion will create more ceremonial space and Elder-in-residence offices. The space will be heated and cooled sustainably by VIU’s District Geo-Exchange Energy System. “The expansion of Shq’apthut is a tangible demonstration of our strategic commitment to build stronger partnerships with Indigenous communities in the regions we serve,” said VIU President Deborah Saucier. “[T]his project will enhance the on-campus learning experience for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at VIU and allow the Elders the space they need to do their work.” BC| VIU Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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