1885 Resistance artifact repatriated to GDI Métis Museum  

A long-lost artifact from the 1885 Resistance has been repatriated to the Gabriel Dumont Institute’s (GDI’s) Métis Museum. The item—a Hollis & Son’s Hudson’s Bay Company Indian Trade Fusil—was taken from the Métis or a First Nations ally in 1885 by an Ontario-based soldier and later was stored at the Fanshawe Pioneer Village (FPV) in Ontario. GDI and FPV agreed that the fusil should be repatriated to GDI to hold in trust on behalf of the Métis as an act of reconciliation. “A heartfelt maarsii should be directed to Matthew and Dawn and to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village, and to the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum for allowing this artifact to come home to Saskatchewan and to the Métis,” read a statement from GDI.