Campaign encourages Inuit students to complete high school education through stories of perseverance

A new campaign has been launched to encourage Inuit students in Nunavik to complete their high school education by sharing personal stories of perseverance. The campaign aims to provide culturally relevant materials that are inclusive of the experiences of Nunavimmiut youth during School Perseverance Days. The campaign includes “perseverance murals,” a “send a postcard” program, and videos in which Nunavimmiut describe situations where they persevered. “Inuit are generally very humble people, so sometimes people don’t want to come across as showing off or boasting,” said co-ordinator Sylvia Cloutier. “But this is really in the spirit of sharing, so that we can encourage young people to look at perseverance in the way that we did in the old days.”

Nunatsiaq News