Campus Regina Public High School, Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics partner on photoshoot class

Campus Regina Public High School students and Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics, an Indigenous-owned business, have partnered to give students real-life photoshoot experience. Grade 11 and 12 students took part in a collaborative class project in which they used jewelry, designs, and clothing from Indigenous artists to inspire their outfits. The project included components from several different classes: In the English component, students wrote letters to artists asking for their involvement in the project; while in the advanced media production component, students produced a video about the project. Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics has been teaching the students about key Indigenous issues, and students are encouraged to bring their own identities to the photoshoots. “I decided to pair my Métis sash along with the outfit so I can incorporate my culture that way,” said student Salem Fenske. “It’s empowering, especially for Métis women, to be able to represent that and the years that we fought to be recognized as [our] own distinct group of people.”