Carleton, McGill, Royal Roads, URegina rescind honorary doctor of laws degrees held by Turpel-Lafond

Four more universities have rescinded or cancelled the honorary degrees that they awarded Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond. The University of Regina issued a release announcing that it has rescinded Turpel-Lafond’s honorary doctor of laws degree. URegina reviewed the honorary degree and made the decision to rescind the degree in accordance with its senate bylaws and procedures. Royal Roads states that it contacted Turpel-Lafond during a review process and that she voluntarily relinquished the degree, which was then cancelled by the university’s Board of Governors. At McGill, a subcommittee completed a review process and found evidence calling into question the validity of Turpel-Lafond’s academic credentials, accomplishments, and claims to being a Treaty Indian. Carleton also completed a review and chose to revoke the honorary doctorate they had awarded Turpel-Lafond in 2019.

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