Changing ECE program outdoor play using a “walking together” approach: Opinion

In a new article from The Conversation, Humber College Professor Louise Zimanyi and Elder and Research Partner Albert D Marshall discuss work on the creation, teaching, and evaluation of a new Two-Eyed Land-Based Play and Co-Learning course in Humber’s early childhood education (ECE) program. Zimanyi and Marshall write that the Two-Eyed Seeing course has inspired a rethinking of Humber’s postsecondary ECE training and its outdoor play. The authors discuss a key approach called “walking together,” which focuses on learning the language of the land, reconnecting with the land, and using two-eyed seeing to restore balance between the natural and human worlds. “Two-Eyed Seeing helps us to know the environment through human eyes while also seeing things from another’s perspective,” write Zimanyi and Marshall. “With this braided knowledge, we are enriched and transformed.”

The Conversation