Considering treaty education in NS: Interview 

In a recent interview with The Coast, Jacqueline Prosper, treaty education lead at the Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey (MK), discusses the importance of treaty education within Nova Scotia. Prosper says that she has focused on bringing Mi’kmaw history and culture to schools throughout the year and ensuring that students can see themselves within the curriculum. Prosper discusses how teachers want to teach treaty education, but are afraid of getting it wrong because some of the available information is inaccurate. For these teachers, Prosper outlines four treaty questions that they can answer in the classroom: “Who are the Mi’kmaq historically and today? What are treaties? Why are they important? What happened to the treaty relationship? And what are we doing to reconcile that relationship?” Prosper also discusses the resources that MK has made available, the gaps in education between students in MK schools and public schools, and the importance of representation.

The Coast