Dismantling systemic barriers to ensure inclusivity for students from marginalized communities: Opinion

School boards must actively take steps to dismantle systemic barriers and address racial injustice by including communities that have historically been excluded, including Indigenous students and families, write Vidya Shah (York University Assistant Professor), Gisele Cuglievan Mindreau (University of Toronto PhD Candidate), Nada Aoudeh (YorkU PhD Candidate). Shah, Mindreau, and Aoudeh provide five recommendations that school boards can use to meaningfully address systemic racism, including developing an understanding that no aspects of schooling are neutral, implementing and ensuring funding for structures that will dismantle structures of racism, and inviting parents to share their experiences and input. The authors also recommend ensuring that leadership models are inclusive and do not replicate oppressive structures, and that school boards recognize that marginalized communities need real change rather than symbolic acts.

The Conversation