FP Walshe School connects students with elders during school breakfast program

FP Walshe School in Fort Macleod, Alberta has incorporated Blackfoot culture into its school meal planning. The school, which has a large First Nations, Metis, and Inuit population, offers a breakfast program where students can access foods such as fruit, cheese, and yoghurt while also connecting the school community with elders. These “grandmas” and “grandpas” come into the school and rotate between classrooms. Blackfoot Elder Joe Eagle Tail Feathers recently visited the classrooms to tell stories and give a brief Blackfoot language lesson. “What’s really special about now is I’m able to share the little bit that I do know with all the students,” said Eagle Tail Feathers, who pushes for a better understanding of the Blackfoot culture and history. Students such as Anjiloh Crop Eared Wolf told Global News that they are excited to connect with the elders during breakfast. “I have never really grown up with any grandparents at all because all of them passed away before I was born, so it’s nice to have an elder talk to me,” said Crop Eared Wolf.

Global News