Gakinaamaage, Winnipeg school divisions explore temporary relocation of teachers to staff First Nations schools

A charity called Teach For Canada — Gakinaamaage is hoping to temporarily bring teachers from Winnipeg to work in First Nations schools. The group is working with several school boards–including Seven Oaks School Division and Winnipeg School Division–to establish frameworks that would allow teachers to keep their jobs, seniority, and/or benefits with the school division while they temporarily relocate to band council-run schools in northern communities. The First Nation would reimburse the school board for borrowing the teacher, who would stay in the community for at least two years. Gakinaamaage Executive Director Ken Sanderson said that he would like to see the partnerships include callouts to teachers who may be interested in working in Northern schools, cultural and preparatory training, and status-quo payments. “We’re happy to work with them and see if we can work out ways for our teachers to gain some real experience in First Nations,” said Seven Oaks Superintendent Brian O’Leary. “We are flexible and so are they.”

Thompson Citizen