Indigenous spaces vandalized at schools in Parry Sound, Kingston

Indigenous spaces at schools in Parry Sound and Kingston have been targeted with vandalism. The shaputuan at Parry Sound High School, which served as a safe space for Indigenous students, was vandalized twice. The second act of vandalism included a noose hanging in the entrance of the shaputuan, and footage of the act was not available because the cameras were broken. North Bay Nipissing reports that students feel the incident was mishandled and questioned why the security cameras had not been repaired. An elementary school medicine garden at JR Henderson Public School was vandalized over the Canada Day long weekend. Vandals overturned planters containing sweet grass and sage, which had been planted in a ceremony with Indigenous knowledge keepers. The garden will be replanted so that students can continue learning using the garden in the Fall.

North Bay Nipissing (Parry Sound) | Global News (Kingston)