Judge dismisses motion from NV to have discrimination lawsuit thrown out

A Nunavut judge has rejected a request from the Government of Nunavut to dismiss a lawsuit that charges that NV’s education system discriminates against Inuit students. Nunavut Tunngavik Inc claimed in a 2021 lawsuit that the territory was discriminating against Inuit children by not providing an education in their language. NV filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in April 2022, but the motion was rejected by Court Justice Paul Bychok. NV now has 30 days to file a statement of defense. “Clearly, it is arguable that the 2019 Amendments [to Nunavut’s Education Act] may impose a burden upon, or deny benefits to, Inuit,” reads Bychok’s decision. “First, the Amendments may contribute to Inuit youth losing their language and their connection to Inuit culture. Just as importantly, the effect of the 2019 Amendments may be to perpetuate the undeniable historical disadvantages experienced by Inuit from colonialism.”

CBC | Nunatsiaq News