Loyalist shares new name and logo for Indigenous centre

Loyalist College has shared the name of its re-envisioned Indigenous centre: Tsi Titewaya’taró:roks. In addition to the new name—which means “we gather as a community” in Mohawk—the center has shared a new logo that tells its story of Tsi Titewaya’taró:roks. The logo consists of an outer circle depicting the Dish with One Spoon wampum agreement and an inner circle that consists of imagery that reflects different communities affiliated with the college. “Tsi Titewaya’taró:roks is a safe space for our Indigenous students and community members at Loyalist – a gathering place that feels like home,” said Loyalist Director of Indigenous Services Tewathahá:kwa Jennifer Maracle. “It is also a place of learning and celebration where our non-Indigenous staff and students can expand their cultural understanding.”

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