MB education leaders recommit to Indigenous Education Blueprint

Educational leaders from all areas of Manitoba’s education system recently gathered to re-sign the Indigenous Education Blueprint. By signing the Blueprint, signatories commit to 10 concrete practices to support First Nations, Métis, and Inuit residents as they navigate each level of the education system. Educational partners from all levels of the province’s education system signed the Blueprint, including the Manitoba School Boards Association, Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, Manitoba Advanced Education and Training, and Manitoba Early Childhood learning, as well as MB’s six universities and three colleges. “When we look at First Nations people as some of the fastest growing populations in this country, it’s very important that every child in our country and in our First Nations are given every opportunity, and I believe this is a very good vehicle for that,” said MFNERC Executive Director Charles Cochrane. Turtle Island News reports that progress has been made in the years since the Blueprint was first signed in 2015.

Turtle Island News | Winnipeg Sun | UCN | Nation Talk (CMU)