MB releases Indigenous Education Policy Framework, new education reform action plan

The Government of Manitoba has developed an education policy for Indigenous students called Mamàhtawisiwin: The Wonder We Are Born With – An Indigenous Education Policy Framework, as well as a new education reform action plan. Mamàhtawisiwin includes four policy directions: Authentic involvement; ensuring students are at the centre; understanding world views, values, identities, traditions, and contemporary lifestyles; and inclusive, culturally safe learning environments. MB has also invested $1.6M in expanding the Elders and Knowledge Keepers in Schools Initiative to support students, teachers, and families in learning about Indigenous traditions, knowledge systems, and lifestyles. Advocates have called MB’s education action plan a step forward for Indigenous students, as it emphasizes access to equitable and high-quality education for all students. However, advocates say that the plan needs to ensure that community engagement and critical reflection continues, as the graduation rate for Indigenous students is much lower than for non-Indigenous students.

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