MCFN school forced to close after being vandalized

A Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations (MCFN) school has been forced to close after it was vandalized in April. The school had been badly damaged when police arrived: many doors and windows had been smashed and there was extensive graffiti on the exterior of the building. Construction equipment at the school also was damaged. The school has closed during the cleanup and repair, and a renovation project scheduled to be completed in September may also be delayed. The renovation project was to provide the school with more classroom space, a cafeteria, and a childcare facility. “We are outraged and saddened at the level of vandalism that has occurred,” said MCFN Elected Chief Stacey Laforme. “This situation has devastated our community as a whole and we want to assure students, parents and the community that we are doing everything we can to assist the OPP with their continuing investigation into this matter.”

The Turtle Island News | Two Row Times