MN-S makes $15M investment into early learning, child care programming for Métis families

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN-S) has made a $15M investment into supporting early learning and child care programming for Métis families. Programs include the Child Care Subsidy Program, which will provide funding so that parents can access culturally appropriate child care opportunities; the Early Years Accessibility Grant Program for families with children who have unique needs; the Lii Bufloo Backpack Program which will provide eligible children 13 and under with backpacks full of culturally appropriate learning resources; and the Community Enhancement Grant for enhancing or developing early learning supports and services. The funding will also support the expansion of two language programs: the Early Learning Language program and the Métis Early Learning Language programs. “The MN–S is putting words into action and fulfilling our commitment to our people, working collaboratively and ensuring that families have the support they need through programs and services that directly benefit them,” said MN–S Early Learning and Child Care Minister Tim Roussin.

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