OSSTC, GREAT launch fundraising campaign to rebuild replica 17th-century longhouse destroyed by fire

Ogwehoweh Skill and Trades Training Centre and Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT) have begun a fundraising campaign to raise $1M to replace a Longhouse Ganǫsa’ǫ:weh that was badly damaged in a fire in July. The structure was a replica 17th-century longhouse that was used as a cultural cornerstone, a place for community members to learn about and engage with their own culture, and a tourist attraction. The fundraiser is called Ęjidwahsrö:ni, which means “we will build again” in Cayuga. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of building materials that need to be imported. Before the longhouse is rebuilt, OSSTC will complete an archeological assessment and assess if the fire has damaged the grounds. “It is an important part of our culture and has a very positive impact in our community,” said GREAT Executive Director Erin Monture.