OUSA releases Policy Paper highlighting challenges, recommendations for Indigenous students

The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) has released an Indigenous Students Policy Paper that highlights the challenges that Indigenous students face in postsecondary institutions and provides recommendations for addressing these issues. The challenges discussed include a lack of Indigenous leadership in postsecondary institutions, barriers to access, colonial and harmful university culture, a lack of non-Indigenous Allies, and barriers for Indigenous faculty and staff. The policy paper includes a variety of recommendations, such as supporting Indigenous self-determination, enhancing access to university, building non-Indigenous allies, and providing support for Indigenous faculty and staff. “The provincial government has yet to make an open commitment to decolonization efforts and supporting Indigenous self-determination,” reads the release. “In order to truly commit to truth, reconciliation, and the advancement of Indigenous and non-Indigenous allyship, the provincial government has a duty to openly express support for decolonization efforts and Indigenous self-determination.”