Report highlights progress, disappointments in ON Indigenous education

A new report from an advocacy group called People for Education highlights progress made and disappointments in Ontario’s Indigenous education. In terms of progress, the report noted marked increases between the 2012-13 and 2022-23 school years in the proportion of schools offering staff professional development on Indigenous education (increased to 82%), in the proportion of secondary schools that offer an Indigenous studies course (72%), and the proportion of elementary schools (13%) and secondary schools (20%) offering Indigenous language programs. Fourteen schools are also replacing their compulsory Grade 11 English course with a course centred on Indigenous voices. However, the report noted disappointments such as the removal of Indigenous influence on the science curriculum. The report includes a variety of recommendations, including mandating Indigenous-related courses, focusing on hiring Indigenous education workers, and creating a task force to support meeting the Calls to Action recommendations.

CBC | The Star