Schools recognize Indigenous graduates with ceremonies, celebrations

Schools across Canada are recognizing the accomplishments of their Indigenous graduates with ceremonies and celebrations. McGill University hosted a virtual Scarf Ceremony in which students received red or white scarves designed by Kahnawake-based designer Tammy Beauvais from the Mohawk Nation. In Manitoba, Assiniboine Community College, Brandon University, and the Brandon School Division collaborated on an event that celebrated Indigenous graduates of all ages. The event recognized students who were graduating from preschool, grade 8, grade 12, and postsecondary education with a grand entry and Indigenous drummers and dancers. St Mary’s University in Calgary celebrated First Nations and Métis graduates with a ceremony that included smudging, prayers and a blessing, and gifts of a beaded eagle feather or sash. Osoyoos Secondary School in British Columbia celebrated Indigenous students with an event where graduates shared their future plans, received medicine pouches, and were blanketed by their families.

McGill | Brandon Sun | St Mary’s | Castanet (Osoyoos)