Tla’amin Nation, SD47 sign Tla’amin Education Agreement, commit to exploring name options

The Tla’amin Nation and School District 47 (SD47) have signed the Tla’amin Education Agreement, a contract that will lay the groundwork for the best educational outcomes for Tla’amin students. The education agreement is expected to improve the learning experience for students through educational programs, pedagogical approaches, inclusive spaces, and the promotion of understanding and reconciliation across the school community. “We see in our partner a renewed commitment to this relationship and sense of accountability through their expanding Indigenous education department and staff, increasing inclusion of our language and culture in schools, their welcoming our participation on their board and strategic planning, and their plan to change their name,” said the Tla’amin Nation in a formal statement. “We are, of course, deeply invested in our students’ development and well-being as Tla’amin children and the new TEA aligns with several goals identified in təms kʷʊnəmɛn (our vision), which is our five-year comprehensive nation plan.” A recent newsletter from Tla’amin Nation also indicates that SD47 has committed to removing Powell River from their name and will work with the nation to seek name options.

The Peak | Tla’amin Nation (PDF)