Trent, Yellowknives; TVDSB; Western launch new courses and programs

High school and postsecondary students at several institutions will soon have the opportunity to take part in courses and programs focused on Indigenous culture. Trent University has partnered with the Yellowknives Dene First Nation to launch an Indigenous Environmental Studies & Sciences diploma that is tailored for Dene students in the Northwest Territories. The curriculum blends Western sciences with Dene Indigenous Knowledge and students will earn credits toward their high school diploma that can be put toward a Trent postsecondary program. The Thames Valley District School Board has approved a compulsory Grade 11 English course on Indigenous authors and issues. English: Contemporary First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit Voices will focus on themes, forms, and styles of literary and informational texts of Indigenous authors in Canada. Western University has launched the Connecting for Climate Change Action course, which brings together Indigenous knowledge and Eurowestern science to teach students how they can take action to address climate change. The course is expected to be offered for free through Coursera this fall.

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