U of T astronomers, Kâpapâmahchakwêw collaborate on science programming

Astronomers from the University of Toronto’s Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics and students, teachers, and caregivers from Kâpapâmahchakwêw – Wandering Spirit School are working together to develop science programming for Indigenous students. The collaboration lays the groundwork for future plans, such as a coding club, mentoring and tutoring programs and teacher training. The partners also came together to experience the total solar eclipse in April: the astronomers brought telescopes with solar filters and community members shared traditional knowledge and asked questions about the eclipse. Kâpapâmahchakwêw Principal Elise Twyford stated that the school is “grateful for the growing partnership with Dunlap because it provides an opportunity to practise reciprocity in knowledge sharing.”

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