UNB students create Heart to Heart program to bridge gap between Indigenous, non-Indigenous students

An initiative launched by two University of New Brunswick students is making learning spaces at the university safer and more inclusive. Student Shilin Pentz created the Heart to Heart program, which is modeled after the Building Bridges program at the University of Saskatchewan and focuses on bridging the knowledge gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Pentz, who is a member of the Indigenous community, worked with student Arnab Mehfuz Taranga to develop a groundwork for the program, including a logo, foundation for the organization, and research on how to present information. Their work resulted in a poster campaign that was displayed in UNB’s Student Union Building, and next year’s activities include plans to engage people in the program. “The most important thing for us was to make sure that we didn’t base our perspectives on outdated information,” said Pentz. “There were times when we would find information in a book, but then two pages later would realize that it was problematic.”