With conclusion of PSAC strike, Six Nations schools reopen

After the two-week Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) strike came to an end, teachers and students were able to return to school in two First Nations communities in Ontario. Two Row Times and CBC explained that the strike impacted more than 200,000 workers across the country, including the teachers at schools on Six Nations on the Grand River and at Quinte Mohawk School in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. A new tentative agreement, which includes wage increases of 12.6% compounded over four years, was announced in early May. “We just want a normal year and for our kids not to fall behind more than they already have from the pandemic,” said Laurie Kanerahtokon Green, a teacher at Oliver M Smith Elementary. Aidan Morgan, a special education teacher at Oliver Smith, said that the compensation boost is “going to be game changing” for teaching assistants and administration staff.

Two Row Times | CBC | PA Now