A look at the recent architectural design projects at UBC, SFU: Editorial

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In an era when the redesign of historic modernist buildings is cause for concern among architects, the recent projects at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University are a breath of fresh air, writes Trevor Boddy. Boddy highlights the improvements to accessibility and durability undertaken at the SFU Plaza and Student Union Building, as well as UBC’s ongoing renovations to the Museum of Anthropology, which included a rebuild of the Great Hall. The author praises the work done to the SFU Plaza and UBC Museum but offers a mixed review of the SFU student union building due to design choices such as the lack of food services or a student pub. “In an era when glowing showpieces and sculptural indulgences drive too much of the architectural press, the time has come to praise restraint and respect, along with the deep knowledge and experience that empowers these design approaches,” concludes Boddy.

Canadian Architect