A look into the causes of increased Indian international student immigration to BC: Editorial

In an article for CBC, Sarbmeet Singh and Akshay Kulkarni discuss how Indian international student immigration increased rapidly over the last seven years to make up around 30% of university student population in British Columbia in 2021. According to some Indian students, the turbulent political environment in India and the need for skilled workers in Canada have helped push immigration. The growth of the Indian middle class, high youth unemployment in India, and the lack of job security and benefits in India’s private and technology sectors have been the strong contributors to immigration. However, according to the BC Federation of Students, almost half of these international students live precariously due to high international tuition fees and costs of living. As a result, the federation is calling on BC for more public funding and regulations capping international tuition fees. Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.