AB’s future depends on embracing change: BCA report

The Business Council of Alberta (BCA) stated that the future of the province of Alberta will depend on people’s willingness to embrace change. As the provinces turns the page on the most recent of several difficult chapters in the province’s history, the council stated that it is uniquely positioned to address global issues related to food security, clean energy demands, and health and medical care advancements. Alberta could become a leading supplier of hydrogen and net-zero oil and gas, as well as a global hub for the development of new energy sources and climate technologies. To support this growth, the report outlines a number of recommendations for the province, including funding provincial postsecondary education enrolment growth strategies to support the development of a skilled workforce and fostering innovation by increasing opportunities for business and postsecondary research. BCA| BCA (Summary PDF)| Globe and Mail| CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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