BCcampus discusses development of Alternative Assessment Toolkit

BCcampus research fellow Elle Ting has penned an article on the development of an Alternative Assessment Toolkit that will help instructors decide how to implement learning evaluation in a way that will avoid academic dishonesty. The toolkit, which is in its final stages of completion, was inspired by the pandemic-driven switch to online learning and has been created using information from a Vancouver Community College study on effective assessment strategies. It is structured as an interactive decision tree allowing instructors to choose the academic integrity solutions that will best suit their courses, learners, and teaching and learning goals. The toolkit is platform-agnostic, allowing it to be implemented on a variety of different systems and delivery models. BCcampus is planning additional work on the project to increase adaptability and maintain readiness for any other potential uncertainties. BCcampus Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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