BrandonU to launch “Bee U” with installation of two beehives on campus

Brandon University is launching Bee U this spring with the installation of two beehives on the roof of Harvest Hall. The pilot project will expand to up to four hives in future years, and the bee population will help pollinate plants in the area, provide research and learning opportunities, and provide honey for the student food bank. The hives will be cared for by a licensed beekeeper, who will train BrandonU community members in how to care for the hives. “We can’t wait to get hives installed as soon as the weather is right,” said BrandonU Assistant Professor Deanna Smid. “Bee populations are under threat worldwide, and these hives are a small first step to support honeybees, bee education, and bee research, while also being careful to avoid outcompeting our local wild bee species.” BrandonU Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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