Bringing together the full learning journey to meet student needs: Opinion


In a recent article for the EvoLLLution, Insiya Bream reflects on the new realities faced by college and university registrars and what this means for the future. Bream reflects on how student expectations and the challenges facing the registrar’s office have changed in recent years and discusses how registrars will need to adapt to serve and retain students moving forward. She writes that registrars will need to acknowledge the wide variety of learning that students may engage with outside of their college or university and consider how these activities can be reflected in institutional advising, recognized and validated in unofficial or official institutional records, and combined with their postsecondary program and demonstrated to employers. “Institutions that can adapt quickly and effectively will not only better serve students but will be well positioned to attract learners who are not sure if higher education is for them or whether higher education appreciates what they have to offer,” writes Bream.