Brock introduces new tuition structure to make studies more affordable for international students

Brock University has announced that it will be introducing a new tuition structure for international students that will make it easier for students to anticipate their tuition costs throughout their studies. The new tuition structure will see international students paying the same amount of tuition in their first year as they will pay throughout the later years of their studies. Tuition will also stay constant in students’ fifth years if they need an additional year to complete their program. “Brock is known for its outstanding student experience, and part of that is affordability,” said Brock Vice-Provost, Strategic Partnerships and International Camille Rutherford. “For our international student population, this tuition structure change will have a big impact in alleviating financial stress and allowing them to focus on their education.” Brock Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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