Canada announces revised requirements for international students


The Government of Canada has increased the cost-of-living financial requirements for prospective international students. Single study permit applicants—who previously had to prove they had $10K—will be required to prove that they have $20,635 in addition to the funds to pay their first year of tuition and travel costs. The change was made to address the increasing cost of living and to prevent student vulnerability and exploitation. Moving forward, the threshold will be adjusted each year. Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller added that postsecondary institutions are expected to only accept the number of international students they can provide supports for, including housing options. Miller also noted that the waiver on the 20-hour-per-week off-campus work limit for international students has been extended; a measure allowing online studies to count towards future post-graduation work permits will no longer apply to international students who begin their studies starting in September 2024; and a temporary policy that provided an additional 18-month work permit to post-graduation work permit holders whose initial permit was expiring will not be extended.

CBC | Canada