Canada turning away too many international students from studying in QC: Report

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A recent report released by Institut du Québec (IDQ) asserts that the federal government is turning away too many international students who have been accepted by universities in Québec, a move that is inconsistent with the federal government’s objectives. The refusal rate was particularly high among African applicants: In 2022, nearly 72% of African applicants accepted into a QC university had their study permit applications rejected. “These reasons [low probability of returning to country of origin] are inconsistent with the federal and Quebec strategy,” said IDQ Executive Director Emna Braham. “It is a criterion that is no longer relevant, simply because both the Quebec and Canadian governments are investing in promotional efforts to retain international students, particularly in the regions.” Braham called for clarified objectives from the federal government and better communication of targets from the universities to ensure that the “right hand talks to the left hand.”

CTV News | IDQ