Canadian academics volunteer with SUCHO to help preserve Ukrainian digital history

Canadian academics have joined a global initiative to help preserve the digital history of Ukraine. Academics such as Dr Kimberley Martin (University of Guelph) and Peter Binkley (University of Alberta) are part of an international team of around 1,300 librarians and archivists who are working to archive Ukraine’s digitized cultural history through Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO). Volunteers spend time trawling websites that are hosted in Ukraine and use tools to archive information such as documents and images. Martin explained that if a location that houses a server is bombed, the information housed there will likely be lost unless it is archived offsite. Though the work being done is largely proactive at this time, 25 terabytes of data have already gone offline. The Globe and Mail| UoGuelph| CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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