Canadian PSE researchers make breakthroughs, advances in cancer treatments and monitoring


Researchers from postsecondary institutions across Canada are continuing to make breakthroughs and advances in cancer treatments and monitoring. At Queen’s University, MDetect, which was started out of Queen’s Cancer Research Institute, is trialing the use of blood tests to monitor treatment effectiveness. A University of Manitoba lab has published the results of a study into an innovative treatment for childhood brain cancer, which targets cell metabolism so that tumors will respond to treatments. Two universities have made breakthroughs related to glioblastomas (GBM): A McMaster University research team is developing a new treatment approach that targets two proteins that are associated with GBM’s aggression and resistance to treatment, while researchers from the University of Toronto and beyond have published a study on the results of using a unique “one-two punch” treatment for GBM that increased survival in a small group of patients.

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