CASA launches #HalfYourCSG campaign to call for reinvestment into Canada Student Grants Program


The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations has launched the #HalfYourCSG campaign to call on the federal government to reinvest in the Canada Student Grants Program. The CSG program was temporarily doubled in 2020, but this increase is set to expire in July 2023. CASA argues that the drop from $6K to $3K will impact vulnerable students’ access to postsecondary education at a time when students are also facing a high cost of living. “The low and middle-income students that benefit from Canada Student Grants are facing the fact that next school year, they could have $3,000 less in their bank account than they had at this time last year,” said CASA Chair Christian Fotang. “That’s $3,000 worth of sacrifices they will have to make.”