CBC Marketplace says CDI College recruiters mislead, provide contradictory information to students

In a CBC Marketplace investigation, journalists Tyana Grundig, Jeremy McDonald, Travis Dhanraj found that some CDI College recruiters have been misleading students. The investigation found that prior to enrolling, potential students were misled or provided with contradictory information regarding program accreditation, graduate employment rate, and student compatibility with programs. Individuals posing as potential students were reportedly provided with a variety of misleading information, such as being told that 85% of all CDI graduates find jobs when the rate is only 34% at three Ontario locations or being told they were a “perfect fit” for a program with a sobriety requirement despite telling the recruiter that they used illegal substances. A former CDI recruiter called his role at CDI “essentially a telemarketing role” and alleged that if staff did not meet certain targets they would be fired. CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.