CBIE panel discusses changes to Canada as a preferred destination for Indian students


At the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) conference, a panel discussion with speakers such as Academica President Rod Skinkle and Worldwide EduConnect CEO Vinay Chaudhry highlighted Canada’s weakening brand position in India and the need for change. Skinkle highlighted the findings of an agent sentiment survey conducted by Academica and Worldwide EduConnect, which found that Indian agents are optimistic that there will continue to be a strong demand for study in Canada. However, agents shared that deteriorating international relations had affected their referrals to Canada. Chaudhry expressed concern about the declining quality of students applying to Canadian education and noted that Canada lacks an in-market advocate in India. “Are students and parents still proud to display a letter of admission from a Canadian institution,” asked Fanshawe College Dean of International for Wendy Curtis, “or does that go to the bottom of the pile, superseded by our competition?” ICEF Monitor reports on some of the opportunities raised in the survey and discussion for institutions and the Canadian higher ed market as a whole to strengthen their offerings and brand in India.