CDL-Montréal reaches $1B in equity value creation, exceeding goal by double

HEC Montréal has announced that CDL-Montréal, its support and development program for high-potential tech start-ups, has just surpassed $1B in equity value creation. At its founding in 2017, the program had set a five-year goal of $500M. “CDL-Montréal’s outstanding success is that it leads to the creation of technological solutions in artificial intelligence that make a difference, often on a global level,” explained Julien Billot, CDL-Montréal Director at Executive Education HEC Montréal. The program accepts 50 high-potential tech businesses each year from around the world. More than half of the start-ups have been created in Québec and continue to contribute to the local economy. HEC Montréal| Les Affaires| Yahoo!Finance Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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