Changes in conceptions, approaches to inequality in higher education: Study


Rosemary Deem, Jennifer M Case, and Terhi Nokkala have published a new article in Higher Education that discusses the changes made to inequality research in higher education over the last fifty years. Deem, Case, and Nokkala provide an overview and analysis of fifty years of inequality research published in Higher Education and explores this research at three levels: national systems (macro), institutions (meso), and the lived experiences of academics (micro). The authors found that there has been evolution in terminology, concepts, and theories regarding participation in higher education, as well as widening participation in the field broadly speaking as the sector has changed. They conclude by remarking on how different areas of inequality research have been the foci of different regions and times, and note their hope that the journal will continue to be a vanguard in this work. Higher Education (Article) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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