CNA, IOC launch program to upskill maintenance electricians

The College of the North Atlantic and the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) have launched a new program that will upskill maintenance electricians so that they are up to date on mining operations and technology. The 11-week program includes theory and practical exercises in a lab that simulates IOC’s work environment. It is delivered by CNA’s Customized & Continuous Learning department and sponsored by IOC. “[W]e need to ensure that, with specialized training, workers possess the appropriate skillsets and knowledge to advance in their fields and within the company,” said CNA President Liz Kidd. “This is an exciting time for the mining sector, and CNA is poised to support the academic and hands-on needs of IOC so they continue to be innovative and competitive.” CNA Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.