Concordia, McGill take QC to court over tuition hikes for out-of-province students

Concordia University and McGill University are taking the Government of Québec to court over the tuition hike for out-of-province students. The universities will reportedly launch separate lawsuits against QC. CBC reports that the lawsuits come in response to a significant drop in applicants at the universities. The lawsuits argue that QC’s measures contravene the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, that the hikes are unreasonable, and that their adoption did not follow an adequate consultation process. Concordia’s application for judicial review asks the court to halt the tuition hikes, saying that the hikes target English-language universities and are based on “stereotypes and false assumptions about the English-speaking community of Quebec.” McGill is also reportedly asking the court to temporarily suspend the tuition increases while the university considers the case.

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